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Peter Hanney, Managing Partner, Through TechnologyPeter Hanney, Managing Partner
Three years ago, Peter Hanney and John Waddington set up their consultancy firm—Through Technology—in defiance of the trudging pace that reigned over the provision of IT services in the UK. The systems integrator companies that spurred these trends were expensive to hire, challenging to collaborate with, and were often unreasonably slow to deliver on their promised performance. With a combined experience stretching over four decades in this space, the duo created their company to promote their ethos of always seeing even the toughest projects through to the end and gaining the priceless experience overlooked by others that leave without delivering what was promised. Through Technology is set up as a small-sized company such that the partners can ensure the high quality, agility and flexibility of their services.

After a year of planning and developing their brand and ethos, the firm got its first contract in 2018 from the UK Ministry of Justice. Since then, it has partnered with several government organisations to provide its services that vary from cloud archiving to email security to Microsoft 365 managed services and more. In recent years, these services have become ever more vital for organisations in the public sector to work together. Historically, many organisations have operated on a five-year cycle of landing a contract with a tech supplier, upgrading their devices across the board, and staying with stagnant tech for the next five years, before the cycle begins again. However, newer technologies such as Windows 10 have a much shorter “ever-green” upgrade cycle, with frequent updates driven by the vendor. These faster lifecycles area big step forward for the security of End User Computing solutions but can be a big challenge for organisations that must manage older business systems actively to avoid compatibility issues, version conflicts and security vulnerabilities. “As a company with expertise in both old and new worlds, we help ourclients overcome these hurdles, and ensure they have the bases covered in terms of upgrade lifecycles, identity management, authentication, cloud service security configuration, shadow IT, email security, and much more,” says Peter Hanney, Managing Partner at Through Technology.

We assist firms in implementing mechanisms like DMARC, SPF, DKIM, and TLS to support email security and reduce exposure to phishing

With the rise of Microsoft in the security space, Through Technology leverages the software provider’s solutions to help their clients transition from the old culture of handling security boundaries at the edge of data centres, to securing cloud services, data and end-user devices managed from the cloud. “We secure cloud services and end-user devices to the standards required by the government, and work with our partners to reduce the cost of SaaS licensing and cloud storage.” adds Hanney. Since the company finds most of its clientele in the public sector, they are highly experienced in government infrastructure security. A recent focus for the firm has been the evolution of public sector email services. Traditionally, the UK public sector had the PSN (Public Services Network) to transmit mails amongst organisations privately. In recent years, however, Government strategy has been to move off the PSN to cloud email services and internet transport. Organisations, therefore,need to implement email security controls and monitoring, rather than rely on the presumption that their data is safe on a private network. “We assist organisations to migrate to public cloud email (including exiting the PSN) and implement mechanisms such as DMARC, SPF, DKIM, and TLS to support email security and reduce exposure to phishing,” continues Hanney.

Another focus area for the firm is assisting its clients in leveraging the security controls already available in their existing systems, particularly for Microsoft 365, email and internet services.

With a strong track record of being a reliable partner and in providing excellent services, Through Technology focuses more on helping clients to take on and manage solutions themselves, rather than singlehandedly solving all issues. Once the firm has helped the client establish its internal team, it slowly ramps down its activities. This leaves the customer with in-depth knowledge on how to run their systems along with the proper standards of security. “We want our customers to have a persistent relationship with Through Technology, rather than a persistent dependence upon us. If we help our customers stand on their own two feet, and maintain excellent relationships with them, then we can help out when their strategy requires bursts in team capacity and capability in the future.” concludes Hanney.
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Peter Hanney, Managing Partner

Through Technology didn't spend a fortune with a PR firm to develop their brand. Instead, Peter & John-the duo who founded the company-have evolved it over time, reflecting their true nature, philosophy and approach. Whilst their business is digital, the company’s passion lies in helping customers in managing the underpinning technology of infrastructure and cloud services and their suppliers. Building excellent relationships with customers is the core principle at Through Technology. Not just delivering an excellent service but continually seeking ways to optimise it or better leverage the technology to meet their customers' needs with a unique way of measuring impact